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School of Architecture French language and literature.

Barbara Opar holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Syracuse University and has worked at Syracuse University Libraries since 1975. She is currently the embedded librarian for the School of Architecture as well as the librarian for French language and literature. As architecture librarian, Ms. Opar is responsible for reference and information services, instruction, and collection development for architecture students, faculty, and staff. She oversees student staff and services of the King+King Architecture Library, 302 Slocum Hall. She is active in the Association of Architecture School Librarians and has been President (2003), a board liaison, column and co-column editor and a member of both the Core Periodicals Review Task Force for the 4th and 5th editions as well as the Core Reference Works Task Force. She prepares the monthly Society of Architectural Historians Booklist and contributes to ARLIS/NA Reviews. She is especially interested in local architecture and owns a 1913 Ward Wellington Ward bungalow in the Salt Springs neighborhood.

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